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Member Resources

December 1, 2014in Member Resources

Monthly Training Calenders

The calender illustrates each training day's focus so that students can be prepared appropriately for the activities on these days. View project
November 21, 2014in Member Resources

Wushu Evaluation Process

To help each member reach their short and long term goals, we offer monthly demonstrations and three month exit evaluations. These evaluations help members keep track their progress and they provide them with a sense of accomplishment. With the completion of each level, students will receive their corresponding belt achievements. View project
November 21, 2014in Member Resources

Passport Level Status

All members that are registered with WushuCanada have access to view their martial arts achievements in regards to the Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) Model. You may also use your passports to keep track of what has already been completed and the steps that must be taken to reach the next level. To see your current standings, View project
November 5, 2014in Member Resources

Program Routines

WushuCanada offers videos of SunnyTang athletes and other CWA athletes performing every routine of each level. These videos are beneficial because they provide our members with the ability to improve their own routines, whether it be for competition, grading or personal development. To review the necessary routines for you, View project