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November 5, 2014in Membership Details

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To ensure that our school is the right fit for you, visit any one of our locations for a complementary trial class in any of our available programs. We offer flexible training schedules so that you plan for classes on days that work for you. View payment rates for seasonal sessions and recommend family and friends for a discount. Register to join today! View project
November 5, 2014in Membership Details


There are over ten centres across Canada under the Sunny Tang name, with three conveniently located centres in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA): Scarborough, Mississauga and Markham. Check out any of these locations, for your complementary trial class; all of our programs are offered at every centre. See which centre is closest to you, View project
November 5, 2014in Membership Details


Check the training schedules for all of our locations: Scarborough, Mississauga and Markham, for available class times that are favourable for you. We offer classes Mon. through Sun. at our Scarborough and Mississauga locations; and on Tue., Thu., and Sun. at our Markham location. To see what time your classes are, View project