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Adult & Teen High Intensity Program


Adult & Teen High Intensity Martial Arts Program
The Art of Wushu Kung-Fu

The Adult & Teen High Intensity Martial Arts Program is based on the sport of Wushu and provides motivational and inspirational content to achieve physical excellence through the martial arts. Using an achievement based approach the program follows a structured and well versed curriculum which develops speed, strength, flexibility, endurance and cardio.  Technical training includes training in the use of various weaponry, acrobatics and fight choreography through the use of both barehands and weapons.

Internationally Recognized Curriculum
Our achievement based curriculum is based on the content of the International Wushu Federation and encompasses a 7 level (belt) system.  This curriculum develops both beginners and seasoned martial artists at their own pace of learning with clear objectives and increasing levels of challenging goals.

Wushu Encourages Participation, Knowledge, Culture and Respect
Our teams of certified coaches work with students to learn not only the physical aspects of wushu, but as well educate students on the training methods, rules and structure of the sport.  Students develop their skills in a safe and team oriented environment and are encouraged to partake in events and cultural aspects of the Chinese Martial Arts. Our coaches strive to reinforce positive thinking and acknowledge individual student goals according to their abilities. The high intensity program will not only challenge your physical abilities, but will also empower you in the knowledge of the martial arts and Chinese culture.  The Wushu program provides streamlining towards recreational learning, coaching, judging and competition in the sport of Wushu.  As a student Wushu optimizes your physical abilities and develops your knowledge of the martial arts towards a life long learning experience.  We encourage and build around a team environment to showcase individual abilities through team oriented goals and achievements and participation in events.

Action, Stunts, Fight Choreography and Competition
Wushu is an action based martial art that is best depicted visually on screen and in live performance.  Our program coordinator Alan Tang is a well established stunt performer and action coordinator on film and television. The technical skills trained in the Wushu program compliment and improve a students coordination, acrobatic ability and overall agility.  In addition, immense focus is placed on the proper use of weaponry and the development of fight choreography.  Led by our performance team "Wushu by Storm" our team regularly perform on stage, on film and compete in national and international competition.  We encourage all of our members to challenge their knowledge in these settings and to utilize their skills learned through unique individual goals.

Adult / Teen High Intensity Martial Arts Program 13 years old and over

  • Learn agility, physical excellence and co-ordination 
  • Develop FMS fundamental movement skills (running, jumping, spinning, striking, blocking)
  • Develop Motor Skills (speed, strength, balance)
  • Experience the variety and action oriented versatility of Wushu movements
  • Train the ABC's of Wushu fundamentals (Striking, Kicking, Stances, Aerial movements)
  • Improve focus, discipline, respect and teamwork

 Certification Program for levels 1-7
  • Certified Coaching under Sport Canada's National Coach Certification Program
  • Certified Coaching and program content through WushuCanada & the International Wushu Federation (IWuF)
  • Learn Wushu Weaponry and various styles of open hand routines
  • Develop acrobatic skills and jumping ability through Wushu aerial movements
  • Improve coordination and self-defense knowledge through Wushu sparring sets and partner drills
  • Enhance your physical ability through Wushu stretching & endurance training

Wushu = Martial Arts Exhilarating in nature and colorful in tradition, Wushu is one of the most visually appealing sports today. Made popular by action films such as ‘Hero’ and ‘Crouching Tiger - Hidden Dragon’, Wushu is an Olympic level sport practiced by the likes of action stars Jet Li and Jackie Chan. Wushu routine (taolu) training comprises of traditional martial arts movements such as punches, kicks, sweeps and blocks. In addition, the routines incorporate the elements of jumps, turns, spins and acrobatics in the most difficult and dramatic fashion. Various Chinese weaponry, choreography and “Shaolin” style forms are taught in this program. Our Wushu program is designed for children, youth and adults looking for a challenge in physical precision with a long-term approach to excellence. There are 7 levels in the wushu curriculum that incorporates specific content dictated by the standards of the International Wushu Federation, WushuOntario and WushuCanada. This is done with the general application of the "Physical Literacy" model to all beginner level courses. The Sunny Tang Wushu program is one of the best known in Canada, having trained multiple National and International Champions including 2 Olympians in the 2008 Beijing Games, 2013 World Games Silver Medalist, and multiple World Championship medalists at both the Junior and Senior levels.

Wushu Ontario Curriculum: Is officially developed by the Certified Coaches of WushuOntario and applied by the Sunny Tang Martial Arts (STMA) Center as their core curriculum. Through WushuOntario programming, the students  will develop their character, technical knowledge and physical literacy for optimal success. This provides a thorough foundation for Wushu practitioners to enjoy and understand their art form whether for high performance training on a competitive level or to enjoy a lifetime of enjoyable practice.  

WushuOntario Program Curriculum 5 DAY TRAINING CYCLE
    • DAY 1:  Physical Development & Self-Defense
    • DAY 2:  Fundamentals & Basics
    • DAY 3:  Bare Hand Routines & Fight Choreography
    • DAY 4:  Short Weapons, Acrobatics & Jumping Skills
    • DAY 5:  Long Weapons & Self-Defense Application

  • Level 1 - No sash
  • Level 2 - Colour Sash
  • Level 3 - Red Sash
  • Level 4 - Green Sash
  • Level 5 - Blue Sash
  • Level 6 - Black Sash
  • Level 7 - Gold Sash
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