Chief Program Director
Canadian National Wushu Team Coach/Manager

Currently Alan is the National Team Coach for Canada and is one of a few certified IWuF coaches in the country. Alan began his martial arts training at the age of 5 under his father. At the of 7 he began training in Hung Gar under the guidance of Sifu Glen Doyle and later Sifu James Lore of the Jing Mo Kung Fu Club in Toronto. His introduction to wushu came at age 12 under the tutoring of former Guang Dong and China National wushu team member Chan Wei Xiong. Thereafter, he furthered his studies with coach Fred Whiting, Grand Master Pan Qing Fu, Coach Huang Jian Gong of the China National Team in 1999, and Coach Lu Tong Wei from the Shanghai Institute of Physical Education. The senior coaching staff at Sunny Tang Martial Art Centre continually upgrade their expertise and certification through official International wushu federation programs and courses.

Further to his martial arts, Alan is a stunt industry performer and trainer who actively works in television and film projects. In his work experience he has to his credit stunt, acting, safety, personal stunt training and action choreography. Alan is a trainer to performers from multiple areas of expertise including students in, theatre, live action arts, aerobics competitors, film actors and dancers. He also regularly produces, coordinates and directs various shows and projects around the globe.

As a coach Alan prides himself not to his own accomplishments, but to those of his students and peers. Alan Tang is a four time Canadian National all-round Champion, three time Pan American all-round Champion and World Championship Double Bronze Medallist. He is a certified IWuF coach with more than 18 years teaching experience and is a graduate from the University of Western Ontario.


Certified IWuF International Wushu Federation Coach
2010 Canadian National Senior and Junior Team Manager
2005-2009 Canadian National Senior and Junior Team Coach
WushuCanada/WushuOntario - Director of Management and Operations
National coach for the 2010 Inaugural SportAccord Combat Games
National Coach for the 2008 Beijing Olympics Wushu Team

Students achieved multiple medals and National titles in 2009 and 2010
Students achieved 1 Gold and 1 Bronze Medals at the 10th World Wushu Championships
Students achieved 3 Gold, 4 Silver and 1 Bronze Medal at the 2nd Junior World Wushu Championships
Students achieved 9 Gold, 9 Silver and 8 Bronze at the 6th Pan Am Wushu Championships
Students achieved two 4th place finishes at 8th World Championships

Four Time Canadian National All Round Champion
1995 Nan Chuan-Gold, Spear-Gold, Straight Sword-Gold
1997 Nan Chuan-Gold, Spear-Gold, Straight Sword-Gold
1999 Nan Chuan-Gold, Spear-Gold, Straight Sword-Gold
2001 Nan Chuan-Gold, Spear-Gold, Broad Sword -Silver

Three Time Pan American All Round Champion
1996 Nan Chuan-Silver, Spear-Gold, Straight Sword-Gold
1998 Nan Chuan-Gold, Spear-Gold, Straight Sword-Gold
2000 Nan Chuan-Gold, Spear-Gold, Straight Sword-Gold

World Wushu Championship Double Bronze Medallist
1995 Nan Chuan-5th, Spear-Bronze, Straight Sword-Bronze 1999 Spear-3rd (tie)